Mini Winni

Group Buy is set for April 25 – May 9, 2022!

Pricing is still TBD, working on getting all the quotes finalized. 

Mini Winni is a premium macro pad that features an aggressive 10 degree angle for optimum artisan viewing with a 4mm thick sandblasted brass sandwich mounted plate. The top and bottom case will be either made of either anodized/e-coated aluminum or sandblasted polycarbonate. Polycarbonate bottoms will also be sold as an extra if you want to have an aluminum top and pc bottom to show off the RGB under glow.


  • 8 macro keys
  • 4mm sandblasted brass plate
  • Sandwich mount
  • 10 degree artisan viewing angle
  • Recessed USB C port
  • RGB under glow

Fulfillment is estimated for Q4 2022


Current Status
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