McFlurry Winnebago


Winnebago is a WKL 12.75u 40% that features a left side exploded macro column perfect for displaying your favorite artisans and “WIN” RGB customizable WK blockers.


  • $400 ($50 price increase to account for the cost of custom kote)

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  • Top mount
  • 3 piece case (top and bottom are 6063 alu, mid is stainless steel)
  • White base with black splatter cerakote Finish
  • Mirror polished black PVD mid layer
  • Forged carbon plate (I will release plate files for anyone that wants a different material)
  • 19.007mm front height
  • 22.511mm effective front height
  • 5 degree typing angle
  • Recessed left side c3 DB centered between the macro column and main cluster
  • Large mac book style domed feet
  • Split 3u or 6u layout
  • Left side macro column
  • 1.125u RGB WIN blockers

Big shout out to Matthewdias for designing the pcb!

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